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NewBorn Craddle - Navy

BabySteps is constantly responding to the needs of its most demanding customers: children. To provide them with the best possible development,  we are constantly expanding our knowledge and improving our offer with innovative solutions.

This time, wanting to reconcile the soothing effect of the swing with safe and deep sleep, we present you our new suspended cradle- NewBorn Swing. It's a solution that not only supports the intellectual and emotional development of the child, but also looks exceptionally in any interior, while bringing a moment of respite to tired parents.

Dimensions inside: +/- 80x40x32cm
Child's age: 0-6 months (use only under adult supervision)
Maximum load: 15 kg

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NewBorn Craddle - Navy

NewBorn Craddle - Navy
Ropes lenght : Liny 1,7m - Sufit 2,5m (Standard) Engraving : Bez Graweru (standard) Haki do mocowania : Bez haków (Standard)

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Why rocking is so important?

Two words describing our craddle: closeness and restful sleep

Rocking is a calm, regular movement that the baby associates with the prenatal period. This is why it soothes the child's well-being and its proper development. Thanks to the harmonious cradling baby gains greater awareness of his body and senses. It strengthens muscles, coordinates movements, and also acquires faster motor skills responsible for the sense of balance. Studies also show that rocking has a beneficial effect on speech development and auditory perception in many children.

NewBorn craddle calms down emotions

Swing and lull your most precious treasure with us!

Putting your baby in the suspended BabySteps cradle, you can be calm about his safety. Polish quality control at every stage of production and certified materials used for the production of the cradle guarantee durability, reliability and delicacy. In addition, excellent proportions and high-quality natural materials create a friendly and warm environment for every baby.  A pleasant texture and soft padding in combination with gentle cradling  give the baby the opportunity to quickly calm down and go  to sleep, which often has a beneficial effect on the well-being of tired parents.

The BabySteps suspended cradle is not only extraordinary functional. It also has unique aesthetics of workmanship with attention to every detail. Attached to the ceiling, it will look great both in a child's room and in the living room, giving it charm and amazing grace. In addition, beautiful, quilted material combined with wooden elements will attract everyone's attention and introduce a touch of modernity to the interior.

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średnia ocena

Ewelina Piórkowska

Huśtawka piękna!!! Bardzo staranne wykonanie z dbałością o detale!! Od teraz najładniejszy mebel w mieszkaniu!! Synuś ją uwielbia!!! ...


Katarzyna Cichopek

Bardzo polecamy produkty Baby Steps wszystkim maluszka.My zamówiliśmy huśtawke, mate kontrastowa i otulacze bambusowe. Wszystkie produkty ...


Magda Andrusieczko

Dziś otrzymaliśmy huśtawkę, jest przepiękna! Wysokiej jakości materiał, miękki, przyjemny. Starannie wykonana. Jesteśmy zachwyceni :) naprawdę warta wszystkich pieniędzy. Polecam


Dominika Gorlikowska

Bardzo polecam! Huśtawka z dobrej jakości materiałów, sprawia masę radości dziecku. Duuuuuży plus!


Beata Nikiel

Huśtawka cudowna! Solidne wykonanie, piękne kolory, milutki materiał i świetna frajda dla syna :) Gorąco polecam!


Our craddle is vary capable

Recipe for restful sleep with NewBornSwing

Cradle bottom - rigid, fitted so that it will serve for a long time
Mattress - soft and waterproof, makes the swing easy to keep clean
Finish - carefully sewn, smooth rungs, really strong fastening ropes
Interesting elements - wooden tag and beautiful tassels give the swing an original look