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RingSwing - Dark Gray

Do you care about your kids' fun? Our swing is the perfect solution. Going a step further and wanting to keep up with the proper development of your little ones, BabySteps would like to introduce you to another new product which is RingSwing. It is a swing that will be great as the successor of VelvetSwing and will serve as a source of great fun over the years. Apart from the beautiful appearance of RingSwing, its biggest advantage is that the exercises on this swing provide many incentives, strengthen equivalent reactions and stimulate proper muscle tension.

Seat dimensions: 35 cm
Child's age: 3+ (use only under adult supervision)
Maximum load: 50 kg

Wybierz Ropes lenght
Wybierz Hak do mocowania

RingSwing - Dark Gray

RingSwing - Dark Gray
Ropes lenght : Liny 1,7m - Sufit 2,5m (Standard) Hak do mocowania : Bez haka (Standard)

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Why physical exercising is so important for kids?

Ring swing encourages to play and have fun!

Unfortunately, the latest research by the World Health Organization alarms that only 20% of children in our country meet the criteria for daily physical activity, which should last at least an hour a day. The vast majority of children lead a sedentary lifestyle. By deciding to buy RingSwing you give your child a good reason and mobilization for action, movement and cre-ative fun. These types of swings are used for sensory integration therapy because they are suitable for stimulating the vestibular, tactile, prioceptive systems and, through varied exercis-es, also visual functions.

Creativity and activity combined!

RingSwing is a must have for your child!

"Creativity is an attitude that enables finding new aspects in what is familiar and close, and on the other and, to face what is new and foreign, and using existing knowledge to transform it into a new experience "(Erika Landau) . So let's give the child a swing in form that’s not so simple and known. Let's give the child the opportunity to get to know each other, combine and try independence while having creative fun with RingSwing.

Our swing by is a beautiful, fairytale decoration of a children's room or other interior. Everyone certainly has childhood memories of how much joy and emotion the swing.

The foam with higher density, resistant to deformation and the cover sewn from the most pleasant velvet create an effective seat.

Dziękujemy Wam, to Wy dajecie nam kopa do działania!

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Ewelina Piórkowska

Huśtawka piękna!!! Bardzo staranne wykonanie z dbałością o detale!! Od teraz najładniejszy mebel w mieszkaniu!! Synuś ją uwielbia!!! ...


Katarzyna Cichopek

Bardzo polecamy produkty Baby Steps wszystkim maluszka.My zamówiliśmy huśtawke, mate kontrastowa i otulacze bambusowe. Wszystkie produkty ...


Magda Andrusieczko

Dziś otrzymaliśmy huśtawkę, jest przepiękna! Wysokiej jakości materiał, miękki, przyjemny. Starannie wykonana. Jesteśmy zachwyceni :) naprawdę warta wszystkich pieniędzy. Polecam


Dominika Gorlikowska

Bardzo polecam! Huśtawka z dobrej jakości materiałów, sprawia masę radości dziecku. Duuuuuży plus!


Beata Nikiel

Huśtawka cudowna! Solidne wykonanie, piękne kolory, milutki materiał i świetna frajda dla syna :) Gorąco polecam!


Najlepsza zabawa z  Ring Swing!

Wesprzyj naturalny rozwój swojego dziecka.

Swing bottom - stiff, doesn’t deform under weight
Seat - soft, thick, with high quality foam
Finish - a carefully sewn cover made of soft quilted velvet
Interesting elements - thick ropes and beautiful tassels give the swing an original look