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copy of WoodSwing - DarkGray

Let your child be carried away! The WoodSwing swing from BabySteps designed for larger children represents high quality workmanship and a beautiful Scandinavian design. Using only certified materials and taking care of every detail, our team guarantees safety and comfort in the company of great fun, and at the same time support of the physical development and coordination of children at every stage. We are proud that after many projects, changes and tests, we can finally share with you this excellent product.

Material: wood, cotton ropes and our SPECIAL - quilted velvet fabric.

Seat dimensions:

- width: approx. 60 cm

- length: 25 cm

- height: 5.5 cm

Maximum load up to 100 kg

Wybierz Ropes lenght
Wybierz Engraving
Wybierz Haki do mocowania

Termin Dostawy
copy of WoodSwing - DarkGray

copy of WoodSwing - DarkGray
Ropes lenght : Liny 1,7m - Sufit 2,5m (Standard) Engraving : Bez Graweru (standard) Haki do mocowania : Bez haków (Standard)

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Swing for slightly older children!

Two words describing our swing - fun and safety!

The unique BabySteps swing is a combination of safety and interesting design. Solid wood, certified materials and design testify to our uncompromising approach in the process of designing children's products in line with trends.

Our product is significantly different from other swings available on the market, it is created for both children and adults. Without straining the spine and pelvis, it helps to develop balance and coordination in children. The BabySteps swing is distinguished by its unusual appearance. One thing is certain: soft velvet upholstery, thick ropes and elegant tassels will delight both children and their caretakers!

Growth by fun

Swing and lull your most precious treasure with us!

The BabySteps swing allows the use of guides from all those who professionally handle children: the best elements of a child's day are fun and time spent with loved ones.

Knowing that equipment such as a swing contributes to general physical development, coordination, and simply brings a lot of joy, we started working on our own product. Months of designing, testing, changes and finally the result! We are proud to create a remarkable swing that will certainly provide many smiles for our customers.

Dziękujemy Wam, to Wy dajecie nam kopa do działania!

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Ewelina Piórkowska

Huśtawka piękna!!! Bardzo staranne wykonanie z dbałością o detale!! Od teraz najładniejszy mebel w mieszkaniu!! Synuś ją uwielbia!!! ...


Katarzyna Cichopek

Bardzo polecamy produkty Baby Steps wszystkim maluszka.My zamówiliśmy huśtawke, mate kontrastowa i otulacze bambusowe. Wszystkie produkty ...


Magda Andrusieczko

Dziś otrzymaliśmy huśtawkę, jest przepiękna! Wysokiej jakości materiał, miękki, przyjemny. Starannie wykonana. Jesteśmy zachwyceni :) naprawdę warta wszystkich pieniędzy. Polecam


Dominika Gorlikowska

Bardzo polecam! Huśtawka z dobrej jakości materiałów, sprawia masę radości dziecku. Duuuuuży plus!


Beata Nikiel

Huśtawka cudowna! Solidne wykonanie, piękne kolory, milutki materiał i świetna frajda dla syna :) Gorąco polecam!


Huśtawka może wiele!

Przepis na udaną zabawę z huśtawką BabySteps

Wooden base - solid, natural, painted with paint safe for children
Seat - upholstered with a soft, quilted velvet
Finish - solid cotton ropes, beautiful thick tassels

Interesting elements - a beautiful company engraving, decorative rope protectors