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Family brand created with children in mind.

Family passion, love in every stitch.

Establishing a family business is not only about incredible courage and responsibility. It's primarily about following your heart and the well-being of family members. That's exactly the main concept of the BabySteps brand. Although the idea for the business and the company name had emerged much earlier, the breakthrough development truly occurred in December 2016 when our son Antoś was born.

However, up until that point, we didn't sit idly! We acquired the necessary knowledge and skills, meticulously familiarized ourselves with the world of fabrics and knits so that nothing in BabySteps® would be left to chance! The appropriate qualifications and the immense strength we drew from Antoś's birth allowed us to successfully revive the company.

When a child arrives, the approach to life changes drastically for every parent. That was the case for us as well. We wanted to give our little one everything that is best and most beautiful and share it with other parents.

From moms for moms

We create products that our children use with full responsibility. That's the best recommendation and guarantee of quality.

Made in Poland

We are proud of our origin - our products are created with love and care in our own workshop in Białystok.

Creating beautiful, practical, and high-quality products available at reasonable prices.

All our products are created in our own workshop in Białystok, where the most interesting ideas are born, finished products are tested, and their quality and safety are rigorously checked.

We are not just a company producing items for children. Our mission also involves caring for the health and safety of every little one. Thanks to production in Poland, our skilled workers, and quality control, we can guarantee the highest quality and uniqueness of our products.

With years of experience in the textile industry, we know what high quality means. Our passion for beautiful design guides us on a path where we can deliver premium products that are also accessible to all parents.

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