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Velvet Seat - SoftPink

One of the first child's furniture should be unique. In our opinion, child should encourage itself to use it in an independent and safe manner. Our proposal is a beautiful Velvet seat dedicated to children who are already able to sit on their own.

Dimensions: +/- 50x35x44 cm

Children's age: 9 months +

2 side pockets

Handle on the back

Option to choose: with or without ears

Made in Poland, in our headquarters

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Velvet Seat - SoftPink

Velvet Seat - SoftPink


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Velvet Seat

Beautiful and practical

Velvet seat, apart from its beautiful appearance, is extremely functional. The removable allows you to easily wash and refresh it at any time. It has two side pockets that are great as a storage for treasures or you child’s favorite book. A handle on the back of the seat or ears makes transporting easier. Bear ears are a charming accessory appearing also in a Velvet Swing, dedicated for use from the same age. However, if the ears are not an accessory that you like, you can choose the option "without ears" when buying.

100% safe

Products designed

with you child

in mind

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